Our Rebuilding Process:

We are the only rebuilder (in North Carolina and South Carolina) that has our own tubing benders.  We bend NEW Evaporators in house and have the largest and best cooling units available.

The main reason a cooling unit fails is because of craftsmanship .  You can have the best materials but without craftsmanship you will have a poor product.  We fee that due to our personal research and development that we have the BEST cooling and LONGEST lasting units on the market.  We are SO confident in this that we were the FIRST to offer a STANDARD 5-YEAR WARRANTY.

We give FREE second opinions on all refrigerator repairs.

Why buy our Rebuilt Cooling Units?

1. Save money!  Replacing the cooling unit on your refrigerator is less costly than replacing the complete refrigerator.

2. Inside the campers everything looks original.

3.  Our rebuilt cooling units have a Standard 5-year warranty...not available with a factory cooling unit.